Your best choice

Perfect for the lunchbox

What’s the fuss ? No more hesitation to know what to put in your kids’ lunchbox! Natur PAX is a balanced cereal square that really tastes the fruit. It’s all natural, free of refined sugar and its 6 flavours make them irresisitible! Not forgetting that you won’t have to deal with the list of the forbidden allergens.

Have a look at the nutrionnal tables and the list of the ingredients of natur PAX.

An OK school snack !

Free of nuts, peanuts, dairy, soy… The Canadian school boards are always more restrictive concerning the snacks you can take at school. And they have to please parents and children! We solved this problem for you! We guarantee you natur PAX is free of nuts, peanuts, dairy, soy, eggs and GMO.

A well-balanced snack

Source of fiber and omega-3, natur PAX will allay hunger with only 120 calories per square! No refined sugar was added. Whether you are allergic, intolerant or just looking for a healthy and greedy snack, it’s your best choice. Some nature, that’s what we offer with natur PAX. The list of ingredients is short and simple, for a snack simply good.