A real snack

With natur PAX, you know what you eat!

A complete transparency

Natur PAX has nothing to hide! Free of preservatives, colouring agents and artificial flavours, natur PAX is REAL product.

A quick look at the list of ingredients will convince you. Natur PAX is free of GMO and refined sugars, and doesn’t contain most of the main allergens (peanuts, nuts, gluten, soy, eggs). Give yourself a break in total peace of mind with natur PAX !

Children, parents, allergic people or suffering of intolerance who would like a well-balanced snack or just curious. Treat yourself to some natur PAX !

Natur PAX is there to make your life easier

Find the perfect snack for your children’s lunchboxes became a difficult task ? Natur PAX is the convenient solution made for you!

  • Comply with the rules of most Canadian schools
  • Ideal alternative to usual snacks which are often too sweet and containing  allergens most of time.
  • Individual pack, convenient to take it wherever you go.

Who is Yourbarfactory ?

We manufacture customized snack bars in our peanut & nut free factory. More than being specialized in the rice cripy bars since 1985, we benefit from a solid expertise in energetic and protein bars, nutrition bars, and healthy snacks

Located in LaSalle, we received numerous prizes including several entrepreneurship awards and one in food innovation. Natur PAX is the first home brand of Yourbarfactory.